Wheelchair Rugby Practice

04/28/2024 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM PT


Wheelchair Rugby


  • Free


Weekly practice open to all skill levels. No experience needed


Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby, also known as quad rugby in the United States, was one of BORP’s team sports in the late 90’s, and we are excited to be playing again. It is an exhilarating, fast-paced full-contact team sport that looks and sounds like no other adaptive sport, and it is back in the Bay Area! 

Quad rugby is played internationally in over twenty-five countries and is a Paralympic sport. There is a competitive league here in the U.S. that our new team plays in against teams from all around the country. The name “quad rugby” comes from the requirement that players have some loss of function in at least three of their limbs. A unique characteristic of this game is that it is designed and intended to be co-ed, meaning men and women can play on the same team – which is a rare occurrence in the sports world. 

While our team is competitive, our practice is open to everyone regardless of skill and ability. The regular rugby players are very welcoming and encouraging to new players and just like all of BORP’s other sports, if you can push, you can play. Come out and join us every Sunday morning at 10am for our weekly practice at James Kenney Recreation Center in West Berkeley.