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Josh, Zola and I are again going to ride in the Rev to raise money for BORP. Woo Hoo!  

BORP provides adaptive sports and recreation for kids and adults with disabilities. I always believed it was my involvement in sports that helped me deal with my accident. I know BORP changes lives because I’ve seen it over and over. For so many people with disabilities, recreation and sports are limited or non-existent. There’s no other organization like BORP in the Bay Area (actually California) that offers the range of activities for people with all types of disabilities. We have something for almost everyone including team sports of basketball, goal ball, power soccer, quad rugby and sled hockey.  We also have cycling, pickleball, archery, kayaking,  birdwatching, exercise classes, field trips and more.

That’s the good news! But the bad news is, we also have a very large deficit that started during COVID. We mainly need to cut programs if we are not able to raise more money. Since I’m Vice Chair of the Board and on the Fundraising Committee, I feel especially responsible so I am trying to raise at least $10,000. For every $2.00 we raise, Josh and I will match it by $1.00 so give generously knowing your donation will go even farther.

Thanks so much for your support!

ABOUT 2024 Revolution Ride, Roll & Stroll

The Revolution Ride Roll & Stroll is BORP's most important fundraising event of the year. Your support and participation keep BORP programing robust and accessible.

Name Date Amount Comments
Irma Herrera 06/20/2024 $100.00  
Kathi Pugh and Josh Maddox 06/03/2024 $5,000.00  
Roland E. Brandel 05/14/2024 $1,000.00  
Janet Herman 05/14/2024 $103.39 Hope it was a great one Kathi!
Chris McAllister 05/14/2024 $150.00 Go Kathi and Josh!! Remember to drink lots of fluids :)
Jim Short 05/13/2024 $206.47 Thank You Kathi for asking. I hope you and Josh did well.
Elaine Gable 05/13/2024 $110.61 Nothing like sailing and being out on the water! ⛵️
Anonymous Friend 05/13/2024 $103.39  
Nettie Wijsman 05/12/2024 $103.39  
Melissa Ryan 05/11/2024 $103.39  
Sue Schechter 05/11/2024 $51.85  
Steve Kaye 05/11/2024 $100.00  
Arlene Mayerson 05/11/2024 $100.00 Go Kathy!!!
Julia Nickles-Bryan 05/11/2024 $103.39  
Helen Cademartori 05/10/2024 $25.00 Go Kathi, Josh and Zola!
Richard Kinyon 05/10/2024 $100.00  
Christopher Knudsen 05/10/2024 $200.00 You are an inspiration to me Kathi!
Jami Floyd 05/10/2024 $103.39  
Claudia Center 05/10/2024 $77.62  
Kathy Shepherd 05/10/2024 $104.47 Go team Kathi!!!
Drucilla Ramey 05/10/2024 $100.00 In honor of the amazing Kathi Pugh
Thomas Younsi 05/10/2024 $156.55 Looking forward to joining team Kathi Pugh with my beautiful wife Gabby, stroke survivor Glad to attend a borq event for the first time for a beautiful Thank you to Velocipede Cyclery and Zach Kaplan Cycles for the tunning
John & Kathleen Hyland 05/09/2024 $206.47 Rock It K & J!
JONATHAN SCHWARTZ 05/07/2024 $100.00 Go Kathi! Hope that you reach your goal!
John Kenaston 05/07/2024 $103.39  
Rachel Williams 05/07/2024 $206.47 Have a great time!
Jennifer Brown 05/07/2024 $300.00 Have a wonderful ride! And thanks for telling us how to support BORP!!
Will Smith 05/06/2024 $100.00 Go Kathi, Josh and Zola!!!!!
Alex Blecksmith 05/06/2024 $103.39 Go Kathi!
Bruce Smith 05/06/2024 $260.70  
Anonymous Friend 05/05/2024 $1,000.00  
Paul Smith 05/05/2024 $258.01  
Anonymous Friend 05/05/2024 $103.39 go Kathi, Josh,and Zola
Kaaren Binder 05/05/2024 $250.00  
Thomas Connolly 05/04/2024 $206.47  
Nan Joesten 05/04/2024 $100.00  
Jenn Childs 05/04/2024 $200.00 What a perfect trio! Ride like no one’s watching. And don’t look back. But know, everyone’s behind you! And always will be.
Norman Pearce 04/27/2024 $50.00 We are behind you on Land and Water Love, Karen &Norman
Nettie Wijsman 04/09/2024 $102.02  
Ed Blumenstock 04/06/2024 $102.02  
Nina Riehs 04/05/2024 $30.00 Go Team Kathi, Josh and Zola! Rooting for you!
Gary Cellini 04/05/2024 $36.00 Go Kathy!
Gabrielle Younsi 04/04/2024 $100.00  
Anonymous Friend 04/03/2024 $103.39  
Lynda/Alan Maybruck 04/03/2024 $103.39 You go Team Kat, Josh, Zola!
Mary Wand 03/31/2024 $103.39  
Cynthia Chen 03/30/2024 $102.02 To Kathi, Josh, and Zola - go get 'em! <3
Rose Carmen Goldberg 03/23/2024 $20.00  
Sarah-Dawn Smith 03/20/2024 $25.00  
Chris Conner 03/19/2024 $104.47  
Kristi Dunfrund 03/16/2024 $51.85 Sounds like a great cause. Happy birthday and good luck with your fundraising.
Craig Lester 03/15/2024 $100.00 Happy to support such a great cause.
Elizabeth Warren 03/13/2024 $26.35 What a great organization.
Anonymous Friend 03/13/2024 $103.39 So happy that you are helping others with their disabilities!
Sophia Bagby 03/13/2024 $51.85 Go Kathi! Rooting you on from Oregon! You’re an inspiration.
Gabbi Gallego 03/13/2024 $20.93  
Kathi Pugh 03/11/2024 $50.00  
Anonymous Friend 03/11/2024 $103.39 You got this, Kathi, Josh and Zola!!
Anonymous Friend 03/10/2024 $250.00 Rooting for all three of you! xoxo
Anonymous Friend 03/10/2024 $100.00  
Anonymous Friend 03/10/2024 $309.56  
Anonymous Friend 03/10/2024 $154.93 Great event!
Anonymous Friend 03/10/2024 $26.08 I am happy to support this incredible organization!
Anonymous Friend 03/09/2024 $103.39 Enjoy the ride!
Anonymous Friend 03/09/2024 $309.56 Go Kathi and Josh!!!!!
Anonymous Friend 03/09/2024 $51.85  
Anonymous Friend 03/09/2024 $118.00  
Anonymous Friend 03/09/2024 $154.93 Go Kathi and Josh!! Hugs- Debbie and Lucas
Anonymous Friend 03/09/2024 $515.72 Great organization
Anonymous Friend 03/09/2024 $51.85 Go Team MadKat!
Anonymous Friend 03/09/2024 $103.39 Yay Kathi
Anonymous Friend 03/09/2024 $103.39 Go Kathi and Josh!
Anonymous Friend 02/21/2024 $824.97  
  Total $16,368.28  
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