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Jeffrey White's Fundraising Page
ABOUT 2024 Revolution Ride, Roll & Stroll

The Revolution Ride Roll & Stroll is BORP's most important fundraising event of the year. Your support and participation keep BORP programing robust and accessible.

Name Date Amount Comments
Katy S 05/06/2024 $154.93 Ride on!! Next year I’ll join you! :)
Priya Thridandam 05/06/2024 $26.08 Ride, Jeff, Ride! Thank you for riding for this great organization! <3
Francisco Navarrete 03/23/2024 $50.00  
Jeffrey White 03/19/2024 $.00  
Jeffrey White 03/11/2024 $412.64 let's go let's go, let's go let' go!
Anonymous Friend 03/11/2024 $2,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 03/11/2024 $2,000.00  
  Total $4,643.65  
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