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This will be my 14th year riding in BORP's Rev. It has become one of my fabvorite things to do not only because it's a blast but, I also take great joy in being able to give back to BORP by helping to fundraise so that they can continue to provide the kind of sports and recreation programs that have been life-changing for myself and for so many other people with disabilities.

Please join me in helping to change lives!

ABOUT 2024 Revolution Ride, Roll & Stroll

The Revolution Ride Roll & Stroll is BORP's most important fundraising event of the year. Your support and participation keep BORP programing robust and accessible.

Name Date Amount Comments
Susan Ferreyra 05/30/2024 $51.85  
Lucille Halberstadt 05/19/2024 $50.00  
Laurie Swiadon 05/13/2024 $37.42  
Claire Ungar 05/11/2024 $51.85 Enjoy the ride.
Elizabeth A MacMartin 05/11/2024 $31.23  
Lindsey Burk 05/10/2024 $52.39 See you next week :)
Nancy Caruso 05/09/2024 $.00  
Lisa Martinengo 05/09/2024 $51.85 glad to support in a little way! Bonnie, you rock!
Nancy Henderson 05/08/2024 $103.39 Go Bon! May the ride be smooth, at the Rev. and beyond!
Anonymous Friend 05/08/2024 $258.01 Bonnie's Rev Ride
Patricia Reedy 05/07/2024 $103.39 Have fun!
Stacey Gurian-Sherman 05/06/2024 $1,000.00 Last year rode in person, this year riding in spirit. We made adjustments 'cus keeping BORP riding is top priority. In very divisive times, BORP is something we can ALL agree to support.
Chris Cook 05/06/2024 $33.30 Keep on Truckin' Bonnie BORP! ☮️☯️🔯💟
Debrah Ditto 05/06/2024 $50.00  
Barbara Ridley 05/05/2024 $258.01 Go Bonnie!
Steve Grossmann 05/05/2024 $50.00  
Charles Mcavoy 05/05/2024 $51.85  
Robert Elbinger 05/05/2024 $103.39 Hi Bonnie, This time I left the "In Honor/Memory of" box unchecked.
Alana Theriault 05/04/2024 $50.00  
Judith Smith 05/04/2024 $50.00 GO BONNIE GO!
Annika Presley 05/04/2024 $26.08 Love you Bonnie!
Arlene Mayerson 05/04/2024 $100.00 Bonnie is super charged!
Ariel Smith-iyer 05/04/2024 $50.00  
Kirk Foster 05/04/2024 $20.93  
Anonymous Friend 05/04/2024 $51.85 You go Bonnie ...
Zach Pine 04/21/2024 $100.00 Yay!
Patricia Proeme 04/15/2024 $.00  
Steve Lewkowicz 04/05/2024 $103.39  
Bonnie Lewkowicz 04/03/2024 $40.00 Have fun Bonnie Ginny Kamp
Val & Ron Zabko 04/03/2024 $51.85 We’re proud of all you do. Cheers to your Mom. She’s the best.
Anonymous Friend 04/02/2024 $50.00 Hello Bonnie, Be Safe, Be Happy!
Elaine Beale 04/02/2024 $206.47  
Phyllis Lewkowicz 03/23/2024 $300.00  
Sarah-Dawn Smith 03/20/2024 $25.00 Go get em Bonnie!
Jean Morrison 03/04/2024 $26.08 happy birthday and Roll 'n Stroll in May!
Jane Maxwell 03/04/2024 $50.00 Go Bonnie go!!!
Sherri Weinstein 03/04/2024 $37.42 Many Many Happy and Healthy Bold-days!!!
Eileen Ecklund 03/04/2024 $50.00  
Arlene Mayerson 03/04/2024 $100.00 Happy Birthday . You brighten the world.
Laurie Swiadon 03/03/2024 $100.00 Happy 67th year Bonnie! And many more.
Anonymous Friend 03/03/2024 $26.08  
Kathleen Duffy 03/02/2024 $51.85 The wheels on the bike go 'round and 'round. Happy Birthday. So grateful for BORP. And you.
Anonymous Friend 03/02/2024 $103.39 Happy Birthday Bonnie! Love you 💗.
Denise Sherer Jacobson 03/02/2024 $55.97 Happy Birthday and go, go, go!
Jacqueline Garrett 03/02/2024 $258.01 Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution! Go Bonnie!
Laura Rifkin 03/02/2024 $37.81 Happy Birthday, Bonnie. Keep enjoying life and creating opportunities for all of us to do so also!
Sarah Dunham 03/01/2024 $50.00 Yay! Keep on keeping on, Bonnie. You are the best!
Ann Cupolo-Freeman 03/01/2024 $51.85 Bonnie, you go girl!
Tom Coleman 03/01/2024 $51.85 Happy Birthday Dear Friend...many happy memories. Snowball fights, tobogganing, Singing 'Me and Bobbie MaGee' loudly and frequently.
Sue Eisaguirre 03/01/2024 $50.00  
Bonnie Lewkowicz 02/29/2024 $50.00  
Wendy Jackson 02/29/2024 $50.00 Thanks for making the world a better place Bonnier
Christine Powell 02/29/2024 $51.85 Go Bonnie!
Tim Gilbert 02/29/2024 $51.85  
Joy Dryden 02/08/2024 $1,000.00  
  Total $5,867.51  
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